What is womb cancer?

Womb cancer (also referred to as cancer of the uterus, uterine cancer and endometrial cancer) is cancer of the lining of the womb, which is part of the female reproductive system. 


It is the fourth most common cancer in women, and the most common gynaecological cancer. Womb cancer differs from cervical cancer, and is hardly ever detected by a smear test.


Early diagnosis of womb cancer leads to a better likelihood of a cure, so it is important to be aware of the symptoms (see below) and to visit your GP as soon as any symptoms present themselves. 

Female reproductive system.

Signs and symptoms of womb cancer

The key sign to look out for is:


 > abnormal vaginal bleeding

That is vaginal bleeding after the menopause, vaginal bleeding between periods, heavier than usual periods or watery/bloody vaginal discharge. Always visit your GP if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.


Other signs to be aware of include:


 > pain in the lower abdomen

 > pain during sex

 > pain in the pelvis, back or legs

 > loss of appetite

 > tiredness 

 > nausea

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